An Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection Educational Programme

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The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection has created the “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” Educational Programme, that travels to primary schools around Greece, in a specially designed suitcase.

The Programme enables students to learn about the history of coins, which originated in ancient Greece and get acquainted with their iconography, their diffusion and their use as a medium of exchange.

The Programme includes the following products, designed for various educational activities:

· A map floor puzzle (24 pieces), with dimensions 130 cm x 190 cm, featuring illustrations of ancient cities, their kings and their coins.

· 100 coin cards, corresponding to a total of 50 coins, with 50 cards depicting the obverse and the other 50 the reverse of each coin. Each card features a short description of the coin it depicts on the back.

· Six copies of ancient coins, from the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, so that children can hold some of the most important ancient coins in their hands.

· An explanatory leaflet accompanying the six copies of ancient coins.

· 50 paint cards. Students can design their own coin if they want to. Their paintings will be sent to the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection and could be presented in an exhibition that the Collection might hold later on, in consultation with the schools.

· Five pairs of clay molds and a soft stuff dough set. Children can use the clay molds to produce a coin with soft stuff, roughly following the ancient minting technique.

· A Teachers’ Guide, which includes a detailed presentation of the Programme as well as ideas about educational games and topics for discussion in the classroom.

· A publication titled “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma”, which remains in the library of each school.

· An educational booklet for every student attending the Programme.

The Programme is addressed to fourth-to-sixth-grade Primary School students and is conducted by teachers.