Donation of the Educational Program “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” to Schools

In response to requests made by many schools, and in line with the Bank’s Corporate Responsibility activities, but also as a gesture of gratitude to those who believed in this Program and supported it –first and foremost, the educational community and the children all over Greece–, we decided to offer 15 suitcases to be permanently available at the schools, as an additional source of knowledge and stimuli for schoolchildren of all ages.

The schools which received this offer are the following:

• 2nd Primary School of Orestiada
• 12th Primary School of Alexandroupoli
• 15th Primary School of Kavala
• 3rd Primary School of Eleftherio-Kordelio
• Primary School of Kouloura, Imathia
• Primary School of Stomio, Larisa
• 30th Primary School of Volos
• School Centre of Paxoi island
• 2nd Primary School of Skiathos island
• Primary School of Nenites, Chios island
• 6th Primary School of Kalymnos island
• Primary School of Fry, Kasos island
• 2nd Primary School of Souda, Chania
• 4th Primary School of Argostoli, Cephalonia island
• 2nd Primary School of Samos island

The teachers of the 15 recipient schools were very enthusiastically involved in the Educational Program, often carrying out additional activities such as writing fairy tales, organizing exhibitions of coins, and creating short films, improvised games and even a theatre play. The children, in turn, embraced the Program and worked with enthusiasm and creativity, drawing their own coin, using various materials to make coins, and preparing relevant presentations, thus confirming the success of the Program and its wide acceptance.