Athenian Owls-<br/>Photographic Exhibition

Athenian Owls-
Photographic Exhibition

ALPHA BANK CULTURE - store, Athens

Photographic Exhibition of Ancient Coins  

A photographic exhibition of ancient coins from the Alpha Bank Collection entitled “Athenian Owls” was presented at the ALPHA BANK - CULTURE store. 

The exhibition constitutes a reference to the best known coin of antiquity the “Athenian Owl”, the tetradrachm of Athens bearing the head of the goddess Athena on the obverse and the owl on the reverse. This coin exceeded the boundaries of the issuing authority and was widely used in international transactions for a long period of time.

The exhibition was presented the history of the entire silver coinage of Athens, starting from the first coins minted around the mid-6th Century BC. Particular reference is made to the Athenian decadrachm, one of the most important coins of antiquity, which depicts the same iconographic types as those of the tetradrachms, though with some essential differences.

The last part of the exhibition were portrayed the coinage of modern Greece reaching until the one-Euro coin. Certain characteristics of the Athenian owl survive through these coins.

The exhibition was accompanied by the relevant catalogue written in Greek and English comprising a wealth of photographic material.