Series of lectures “Meetings” - History of Metapolitefsi,
16.11.2021- 24.05.2022

This year, the Alpha Bank Historical Archives launch “Meetings”, a new series of lectures on the History of Metapolitefsi, jointly organized with the Benaki Museum. 

The 12 lectures, which begin on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, will be given every second week at the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture (1 Koumbari Str.), from 18:00 to 20:00.

The speakers will be academics university professors, researchers and experts in the humanities and social sciences, who will seek to speak from their individual perspectives about the most recent and, in many respects, controversial period in Greece's history. 

The cycle opens on November 16 with the lecture by Kostas Kostis, Head of the Alpha Bank Historical Archives and Professor of Economic and Social History at the Department of Economics Sciences of the University of Athens, titled “Metapolitefsi. The shaping of a concept”. 

In view of the launch of the lectures, Mr. Kostis stated: “The year 2024 marks fifty years since the beginning of the period that we call ‘Metapolitefsi.’ This anniversary is an opportunity to appreciate what Greece has achieved and where it has failed in its recent past. We are confident that ‘Meetings’, the new series of lectures we are launching together with the Benaki Museum, will be a fruitful and constructive occasion for reflection and dialogue regarding this period of our history.

The coordinators of the “Meetings” cycle of lectures, scheduled to be completed in late May 2024, are Kostas Kostis, Sotiris Rizas (Modern Greek History Research Centre of the Academy of Athens) and Tassos Sakellaropoulos (Historical Archives of the Benaki Museum).

Attendance at the “Meetings” lectures is free for the public, subject to the prior booking of a seat for each lecture via e-ticket, available on the Benaki Museum website, where the full program of lectures is also available.

According to the public health protocols currently in force, admission to the Museum requires presentation of a vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 infection contracted within the last six months.