With Wisdom and Vision: Alpha Bank<br/>19th – 21st Century

With Wisdom and Vision: Alpha Bank
19th – 21st Century

Dimensions 24 x 16,5 cm, 264 pages, Paperback
Greek, ISBN 978-618-5072-17-9
Academic advisor Kostas Kostis, Athens 2016

The new Publication of the Alpha Bank Historical Archives entitled “With Wisdom and Vision. Alpha Bank 19th – 21st Century” narrates the history of the Bank starting from the time when J.F. Costopoulos embarked on his commercial ventures in the 19th century until the present day.

The Publication includes rich and unpublished photographic material taken for its most part from the Alpha Bank Historical Archives, while material from other organisations, banks or foundations, public and private, has been drawn upon as well. 

The Publication is structured in seven sections that present corresponding periods of the Bank’s history. The first section describes the time when J.F. Costopoulos (1856-1918) matures businesswise and branches out into banking activities by establishing the J.F. Costopoulos Bank in Kalamata. It is followed by the activities of the Bank of Kalamata, with its seat also in Kalamata (1918-1924), and the Banque de Crédit Commercial Hellénique (1924-1947) which had its registered seat in Athens. The fourth section presents the postwar activities of the Commercial Credit Bank (1948-1972) nationwide and then its successor, Credit Bank (1973-1992). The sixth section is dedicated to Alpha Credit Bank (1993-1999) and the last one to Alpha Bank (2000-2015).

In the narrative, the history of Alpha Bank crosses the history of other banking institutions which Alpha Bank came across in the course of time and which joined it to form eventually a single business entity. In parallel, the Volume presents all those personalities that played a key role in the Bank’s growth.