The Alpha Bank Library was first founded as a Library of the Economic Research and Legal Services Divisions, with a considerable number of economic and legal publications. In 1984 it was significantly enriched thanks to the donation of 3,000 volumes from the personal library of Pericles Komninos, a top Credit Bank Executive.
In the decades that followed, the mergers with the Ionian and Popular Bank of Greece in 2000 and with Emporiki Bank in 2013 contributed to the further enrichment of the Library which today boasts a total of over 38,000 Greek and foreign book titles as well as 300 titles of economic journals.
The Library is targeted at the Bank’s Employees, at researchers and the general public; it serves the needs of the Bank’s Head Office Units and Branch Network, while it also offers lending services for the Group’s Personnel.
It features a collection of rare editions dating to the 16th and up to the 19th century, which include works by ancient Greek authors as well as by European travellers who visited Greece and its wider geographical area from the 17th to the 19th century; a, unique in Greece, comprehensive collection of history and geography maps from Antiquity and the Middle Ages, issued by the Cartographic Centre of the University of Tübingen, and two Photographic Archives. The Photographic Archive of Emporiki Bank Publications includes the published and unpublished illustrations pertaining to the Publications and the artistic calendars of the former Commercial Bank of Greece (Emporiki Bank) and the Ionian and Popular Bank issued by the two Banks from 1957 to 1991. The Photographic Archive of Neoclassical Architecture includes full and partial city views, public buildings and houses, churches and funerary monuments, frescos, sculptures and other architectural details, as well as a remarkable series of drawings.
The Library also manages the Bank’s Publications, which today number more than 170 titles. These are Publications of economic, historical and art content referring to various aspects of the Greek history and culture from ancient to modern times.