“ALPHA BANK – CULTURE store” e-shop

In the context of continuously improving and modernising the services offered by the “ALPHA BANK – CULTURE store”, an e-shop has been launched. The e-shop is targeted at the general public and allows interested parties to obtain swiftly and directly the Publications of Alpha Bank and copies of a limited number of ancient coins from the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection. Furthermore, it provides information on the new products and the current offers and discounts.

In 1957 Alpha Bank started its publishing activity which includes publications of economic, historical and art content referring to various aspects of the Greek history and culture from ancient to modern times. Additionally, the Bank places particular emphasis on numismatics: its Numismatic Collection comprises approximately 11,000 ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins and is considered one of the most important ones worldwide.

The Publications and the copies of coins may also be obtained by visiting the “ALPHA BANK – CULTURE store”, which is located on the ground floor of the Main Building of the Bank in Athens, at 40 Stadiou Street.

The e-shop can be accessed at

Contact person: Ms P. Kallimani
Tel.: +30 210 326 2465