With the aim of preserving and disseminating the Greek spirit and of promoting Greek culture, Alpha Bank plays an active role in the cultural life of the country through its support of such activities.
Over many years the Bank has evinced its concern for Art and Culture not only through the financial support of the corresponding events but also through its own programmes and Collections.

01 Children's Painting Competition - Corfu In the context of the anniversary events for the 200 years from the beginning of the Greek Revolution, a painting competition addressed to all Primary school students of Corfu was organized. 02 Publication on Offer The publication “Travelling Notes from the Ionian Islands, Greece, Asia Minor and Turkey in 1835” will be sold by Alpha Bank at a discount of 40% throughout April 2021. 03 “The Great Transformation: State and politics in 20th century Greece” Publication of the Proceedings of the 2019 Conference organized by the Alpha Bank Historical Archives. 04 Donation of the Educational Program “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” to Schools In response to requests made by many schools, and in line with the Bank’s Corporate Responsibility activities, we decided to offer 15 suitcases to Schools.  
05 Nomos - Nomizo - Nomisma

The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection’s educational program “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” has embarked, once again, on its journey to primary schools around Greece, in a specially designed suitcase.

06 “Rare Books. The Alpha Bank Collection” The Alpha Bank Library organises the exhibition entitled “Rare Books. The Alpha Bank Collection” at the Exhibition Area of the Alpha Bank Main Building (12, Pesmazoglou Street and 40, Stadiou Street). 07 ALPHA BANK – CULTURE store
Publications Price List
The new Price list featuring the Alpha Bank and J.F. Costopoulos Foundation publications has been issued.
08 “Knowing the Library” educational programme The Alpha Bank Library has launched an educational programme titled “Knowing the Library”, which is addressed to Primary School and Gymnasium students and takes place daily in a specially designed area. 09 “ALPHA BANK – CULTURE store” e-shop At the e-shop of the “ALPHA BANK – CULTURE store” interested parties can obtain swiftly and directly Publications of the Bank and copies of a limited number of ancient coins from the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection.