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The Numismatic Collection supports education

Educational programme poster
Museum kit contents

The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection and the Herakleio Secondary Education Directorate jointly hosted an online educational meeting for teachers from the island of Crete on 18.01.2024 to present the “Currency and Transactions. From Yesterday to Nowadays” educational programme.

The programme, in the form of a museum kit, will travel to schools across Crete until the end of the 2023-2024 school year.

Warm welcome by the teachers

The online meeting also featured Crete’s Educational Advisor on Economics.

20 high-school teachers from Crete attended the presentation by the Numismatic Collection Curator, Dr Dimitra Tsangari.

All participants shared views and best practices for running the educational programme. At the end of the presentation, Dr Tsangari answered questions about the programme and the shipping details for the museum kit.

Aims of the programme

The “Currency and Transactions. From Yesterday to Nowadays” educational programme aims to:

  • Make children understand the terminology surrounding financial transactions.
  • Link the concept of “transactions” to social changes.
  • Get students acquainted with modern transaction methods, as dictated by the advent of technology and the digital era.
  • Approach the issue of financial literacy, so people may understand modern financial choices and manage them effectively on a personal level.
    How the students benefit

Through the educational programme in the form of a museum kit, children gain valuable historical knowledge linked to the appearance and evolution of currency.

Moreover they:

  • Discuss important historical issues linked to their educational level and curriculum.
  • Get to know the coins used by people in their transactions during different historical eras.
  • Find out when the first banknote came into circulation and when plastic money made its appearance, and also learn about the euro.
  • Are informed on modern transaction methods.