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Welcome to the alphapolitismos e-shop.

We have put together a rich collection of important publications about culture, the economy and banking, and replicas of our Numismatic Collection’s most beautiful items.

Choose the categories that interest you.

Our book offer for this month

Grab our offer for this month and get one of our items at a special price.

Modern Greek Sculpture 1800-1940

Year published, 1982

€30.00 / €18.00

Numismatic History

Find exciting books about ancient and modern coinage.
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Alpha Bank History

Read about the history of the banks that are the predecessors of present-day Alpha Bank.
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Discover important volumes about Greek History.
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Nea Moni on Chios: History and Architecture

Year published, 1981 (Greek), 1982 (English)


Castles and Cities of Morea

Year published, 1971 / 1st reprint, 2021



Marvel at art pieces of Greek artists in our invaluable art book collection.
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Chryssa: Cycladic Books 1957-1996

Year published, 2000


Stage Design in the Greek Theatre

Year published, 1987


The Mosaics of Nea Moni on Chios

Year published, 1985


Coin replicas

Get coin replicas of the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection.
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Replica of silver tetradrachm of Lysimachus, Thrace

The product is currently out of stock

Replica of silver didrachm, Larissa

The product is currently out of stock