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Photis Kontoglou: Painter

Photis Kontoglou: Painter

The publication Photis Kontoglou: Painter presents the large iconographic sets, portable icons, secular paintings and book illustrations created by Photis Kontoglou. Through his texts, teachings and oeuvre, the great painter and iconographer from Aivali highlighted the aesthetic value of Byzantine art and promoted its continuity as well as its significance for modern Greek painting. 

  • Language:
  • Author: Nikos Zias
  • Publisher: Alpha Bank, Commercial Bank of Greece
  • Place: Athens
  • Year published: 1993 (English), 2015 (Greek)
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 23 cm
  • Cover type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 540
  • ISBN: 978-618-5072-12-4
  • English ISBN: 960-7059-02-6
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What the publication includes

The oeuvre imprints in scientific accuracy:

  • The creative course of the artist.
  • The catalytic influence on most of the 30s generation painters.
  • His contribution in 20th-century Greek art.

Specifically, the publication presents and analyses the large iconographic sets created by Kontoglou in churches throughout Greece. Additionally, it includes portable icons, secular paintings and book illustrations.

The editor

Nikos Zias is Professor Emeritus of History of Art at the University of Athens. He is an excellent scholar of the work of Photis Kontoglou.