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The Collection in a Travelling Museum Kit

Museum kit of the “Currency and Transactions. From Yesterday to Nowadays” programme. Wooden box containing the educational material.
Open museum kit “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” with educational material.

The travelling museum kits are an Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection educational initiative. It is an educational programme that travels to schools when schools cannot travel to the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection. The main learning objective is for students to become familiar with coins as a transaction method, including a tour into the history and iconography (i.e. the themes depicted on them) of coins. At the same time, the programme increases accessibility to resources and helps schools in remote areas provide their students with more stimuli. 

The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection is considered one of the most important and complete numismatic collections in the world. It consists of around 11,000 coins from all over the ancient world and 2,000 coins and banknotes issued by the modern Greek state (i.e. after 1830). 

One of the Collection’s objectives is to educate young people on subjects related to history, numismatics, and Greek culture and civilisation. To this end, it designs educational programmes on the history of currency and transactions that run in schools all over Greece and Greek schools abroad.

As demand from schools outside the capital region of Attica grew significantly, we decided to create a programme better adapted to those schools’ needs. This is how The travelling museum kit came to be – a proxy of the collection that can travel anywhere in Greece and abroad. When a school is unable to visit our Collection due to distance, finances or any other reason, then the educational programme is neatly packed into its travelling kit to visit the school itself. 

The 2 travelling museum kits designed by the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection have been approved by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. 

Our travelling museum kits have already been to many schools in Greece and to Greek schools abroad. Any school can participate free of charge, and all delivery costs are on us, too. 

Places we have been include Crete, the border town of Didymoteicho, remote or small islands like Kasos, Chalki and Paxi, but also many cities abroad, like Lausanne, Naples, Brussels and Pretoria, as well as the towns of Korçë and Himarë in Albania. 

Discover where the museum kit traveled in 2022-2023.

How the travelling museum kits were designed 

The programmes were designed by archaeologist, numismatist and Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection Curator Dr Dimitra Tsangari. 

To create the programmes, Dr Tsangari worked with a museum educator and a graphic designer experienced in educational presentations for school children.  

An entire interactive museum in any classroom 

The travelling museum kits travel to schools following an application by the class teacher. The applicant is also in charge of running the programme. 

To assist teachers in their work, the kit comes with instructions on how to go about the activities and present the kit contents. After reviewing the material, instructions and relevant presentation, teachers can easily carry out the tasks in class.  

Becoming familiar with currency and coins and transactions

The main learning objective of the programmes offered in the form of travelling museum kits is to familiarise students with coins, their history, iconography, production and use as a transaction method. 

Programme materials can be adapted according to school grade and curriculum.  

Through the programmes, students: 

  • Become more knowledgeable about the history of coins, which first appeared in Ancient Greece and changed the course of transaction methods globally.  
  • Discover the development of transactions and appreciate their value, through discussions on historical figures and events.  
  • Hone relevant skills by actually holding a replica of the first coin in history in their hands, along with other important coins issued from antiquity to the present.