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Educational Programme Review, 2022-2023

Educational Programme Review, 2022-2023
Highlight from the event in Thessaloniki
The Currency and Transactions museum kit at a Cyprus school
Highlight from the event in Thessaloniki

The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection educational programmes in the form of a museum kit continued to travel to schools in Greece and Cyprus for yet another year. Schools across Greece and Cyprus successfully participated in the programmes.

Strong interest

During the 2022-2023 school year, 2,650 students from 42 schools had the chance to:

  • Explore the history of coins and transactions, from antiquity to the present day.
  • Become familiar with key financial concepts they use in their everyday life.
  • Cultivate their social skills and team spirit through teamwork.

The strong interest demonstrated by primary and junior high schools even in remote areas of Greece, Centres of Creative Activities for Children and schools in Cyprus reflects the success of the programme.

Apart from major urban centres, many regional schools also hosted the museum kits. For example, in Greece they travelled to the:

  • 3rd Primary School of Zakynthos
  • Primary School of Kontopouli, Limnos
  • Primary School of Ios
  • Junior High School of Skiathos
  • Junior High School of Mantoudi, Evoia
  • Junior High School of Prokopi, Evoia
  • Primary School of Kopanaki, Messinia
  • Primary School of Kouloura, Imathia

Partnerships that disseminate knowledge to the new generation

Ephorate of Antiquities of Kavala, Archaeological Museum of Kavala

From October 2022 to June 2023, the 2 museum kits were hosted at the Archaeological Museum of Kavala for the first time. 515 students had the chance to get to know the numismatic history of Greece.

Primary Education Directorate of Eastern Thessaloniki

The “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” museum kit travelled to 4 schools in the area from January to June 2023. The students of the 17th Primary School of Thessaloniki staged an art exhibition at their school, with help from their teachers. The exhibition included paintings with numismatic themes.

The School’s Principal, Mr Dimitris Tsintaris, and the 4th grade students participated in an event by the Primary Education Directorate of Eastern Thessaloniki with a multimedia presentation of the “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” programme. The event was hosted at the M. Anagnostakis hall of the Thessaloniki Town Hall on Thursday 8 June 2023. It centred on the presentation of the school activities for the 2022-2023 school year. Meanwhile, an exhibition with art creations by students from all the local schools that participated in the programme was also hosted.

Centre of Creative Activities for Children, Neapoli, Volos

For 2 months, from October to November 2022, 173 students from Volos attended the programmes. An exhibition with paintings and ceramic art by the children was also hosted as part of the programme.

The museum kits in Cyprus

The “Currency and Transactions. From Yesterday to Nowadays” programme travelled to Cyprus for the second year running. Out of the schools that participated in the programme, the one that stood out was the Junior High School of Kato Pyrgios, Tylliria, which has 10 students attending. The programme was carried out in partnership with the Marketing and Public Relations Division, Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd, and was approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth.

Teachers’ testimonials

  • “The programme, meaning the way it is structured, is excellent. Rich, with various activities and a wealth of information,”
    Danai Chondrou, Junior High School of Mantoudi.

  • “Excellent programme! Rich material and very interesting activities,”
    Konstantina Tsipidou, Primary School of Ios.

  • “The museum kit programme is an excellent tool in the hands of teachers, as long as they look for it!”
    Sofia Anagnosti, Primary School of Kouloura.

  • “The programme presents information that made a great impression on the students,”
    Melpomeni Sotiriadou, 6th Primary School of Alexandroupoli.


The educational programmes in the form of a museum kit will continue in the 2023-2024 school year.

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