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Participation in the exhibition “Strong in Time”

The exhibition poster
Baalbeks by Rena Papaspyrou
Untitled by Aspa Stasinopoulou
Baalbeks by Rena Papaspyrou
Exhibition hall
Untitled by Aspa Stasinopoulou
Exhibition invitation

The Alpha Bank Art Collection is loaning 2 works of art to the exhibition “Strong in Time. Rena Papaspyrou – Aspa Stasinopoulou”, hosted at Rethymno. The exhibition exalts the oeuvre of these 2 women that piqued the interest of the public from their very early artistic years. Centring on modernism, Papaspyrou and Stasinopoulou created a plethora of contemporary art pieces.

2 significant works of art

The Alpha Bank Art Collection is participating in the exhibition “Strong in Time. Rena Papaspyrou – Aspa Stasinopoulou” with 2 important works of art:

  • Baalbeks (Images through Matter and Extensions), 1988, mixed technique, 30 x 60 x 4 cm, by Rena Papaspyrou
  • Untitled, 1990, mixed technique, 220 x 320 cm, by Aspa Stasinopoulou

The exhibition “Strong in Time. Rena Papaspyrou – Aspa Stasinopoulou” is dedicated to these 2 distinguished artists, who made a breakthrough in the arts with their work, piquing the interest of the public as early as the 1960s.

Their work remains recognisable and powerful through time, as the 2 artists shaped their very own, personal artistic vernacular.

The exhibition is curated by Maria Marangou.

Rena Papaspyrou: Inspired by old materials

Rena Papaspyrou (1938) mainly experiments with:

  • Hard materials
  • Cut roof-tile forms
  • Photocopies

She draws her inspiration from old Athenian houses that were transformed into imposing blocks of flats. She used to visit old buildings across Athens, bringing down entire wall surfaces, armed with her cutter knives and glues.

Papaspyrou’s aim is to explore matter and ultimately give it another form. This is how she created the series: Images in Matter, Magic Rooms and Baalbeks.

Aspa Stasinopoulou: Art as a performance

Aspa Stasinopoulou (1935-2017) was one of the first female performance artists. Her multifaceted work was influenced by:

  • Prehistoric and classic beauty
  • Political art

For Stasinopoulou, art was more of a game and life more of an art. During a major breast procedure she underwent in London, the artist recorded the event on video. The rest of her performances have survived only as photographic evidence or in the memory of those who attended them.

The Alpha Bank Art Collection also features the work Nike III, a large assemblage by Aspa Stasinopoulou.

A deep friendship

Rena Papaspyrou and Aspa Stasinopoulou were friends and fellow artistic wanderers. One thing that united them was innovation. They sealed their appreciation for each other with a common work: a performance of Aspa Stasinopoulou in the courtyard of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, donning a work of art by Aspa Stasinopoulou.