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50th anniversary of Emporiki Bank

Snapshot from the event for Emporiki Bank’s 50th anniversary
Snapshot from the event for Emporiki Bank’s 50th anniversary
Bust of Grigorios Empedocles
The Emporiki Bank headquarters
The main hall of Emporiki Bank’s headquarters

The photos from Emporiki Bank’s 50th anniversary in 1957 capture the essence of the festivities. The event was held at the bank’s headquarters on Sofokleous Street. The anniversary was celebrated along with the laying of the foundation stone for the building’s new wing on Aiolou Street. 

Photos from the event held in 1957 to celebrate Emporiki Bank’s 50th anniversary and the laying of the foundation stone for the new headquarters wing. 

The material includes snapshots from the festivities at the central branch and photos of the Emporiki Bank headquarters after the construction of the new wing, which is an extension of the building to Aiolou Street. 

The 50th anniversary event 

By the mid-20th century, Emporiki Bank (Commercial Bank of Greece) was one of the most prominent banks in Greece.  

On 12 December 1957, the bank celebrated its 50th anniversary. The occasion was celebrated with great ceremony at the main hall of the bank’s central branch at 11 Sofokleous Street. 

The event was attended by a great many people including politicians, entrepreneurs, friends, associates and the bank’s employees. 

The speech delivered by the President 

Professor Stratis Andreadis, in the speech he delivered as President of Emporiki Bank, described the bank’s successful course until then and shared his vision about its future. 

He made a special mention to his own administration after 1952. Andreadis underlined that, with banking functions restored to normal after WWII, the bank had gained a leading position in the market. 

He also listed the bank’s achievements, before concluding that Emporiki Bank was a force to be reckoned with amongst Greek banks.  

On the occasion of the anniversary 

Emporiki Bank founder Grigorios Empedocles’ memory was also honoured in an emotional moment during the event. 

A bust of Empedocles was placed at a prominent spot in the central branch’s main hall. The bust was the work of distinguished Greek sculptor Michael Tombros. 

The headquarters’ extension opening ceremony 

Along with its 50th anniversary, the Emporiki Bank administration celebrated the laying of the foundation stone for the headquarters’ new wing. This wing would extend the building to Aiolou Street. The symbolic gesture was intended by the administration as a reminder of the bank’s long presence in the Greek market. 

The new, extended building would become the entire Group’s centre of operations for the next 50 years. 

Architectural style and construction 

To implement the new construction project, the bank acquired the buildings in the adjacent Pappos Gallery. These buildings would be restructured to allow the construction of the new wing and its unification with the headquarters. 

Established architect Konstantinos Kitsikis, who was also a technical consultant to the bank, designed the extension. The new building complex would have a single common façade and a functional interior layout. 

The two buildings, old and new, were combined into a stunning architectural result. Their harmonious coexistence was the physical expression of the bank’s long history and future prospects. 

A rich collection 

The items are part of Emporiki Bank’s collection of rare photos. The collection captures important moments of the bank’s operation and multi-faceted activity from 1920 to 1990. 

An impressive publication 

To celebrate the anniversary, Emporiki Bank published the commemorative volume Greek Painters of the Nineteenth Century. The publication showcases some of the most important works by 25 Greek painters of the 19th century.

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