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Daphne Costopoulos

Daphne Costopoulos

The publication Daphne Costopoulos presents the variety in Daphne Costopoulos’ artistic output. It accompanied the same-titled exhibition held in 2010 at the exhibition hall of the Alpha Bank central building.

  • Language: Greek
  • Author: Athina Zografou
  • Publisher: Alpha Bank
  • Place: Athens
  • Year published: 2010
  • Dimensions: 29 x 21 cm
  • Cover type: Paperback
  • Pages: 54
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What the publication includes

The publication Daphne Costopoulos is dedicated to the painter Daphne Costopoulos (1937-2000). It includes 10 sections. Each section corresponds to a period in her artistic output. As such, the publication showcases the diversity in Costopoulos’ work.

The catalogue of a major exhibition

The publication accompanied the exhibition “Daphne Costopoulos”, hosted at the exhibition hall of the Alpha Bank central building from 23.06.2010 to 30.09.2010.

The exhibition was organised as a concise panorama. It showcased pieces that belong to the Alpha Bank Collection and the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation.

The aim of the exhibition was to:

  • Present the multiple facets of Costopoulos’ creations.
  • Pay tribute to one of the most talented and modest artists of her generation.

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