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The Numismatic Collection at Nevronas FESTival

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Highlight from the festival
Highlight from the festival
Highlight from the festival
Highlight from the festival
Highlight from the festival

As a keen supporter of equal access to culture, the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection is participating in Nevronas FESTival with the ”Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” travelling museum kit.

Through this educational programme, participants get to know the history of coins as a means of transaction.

Moreover they:

  • Observe the coin iconography.
  • Discover the history of coins issued by several cities and under the rule of different kings.
  • Make coins according to the ancient technique, using clay dies and modelling clay plasticine.
  • Draw their own coin, which stimulates their imagination.

The museum kit includes material suitable for persons with visual impairments. Greek sign language interpreting will also be available during the Festival.

Nevronas FESTival: a festival open to all

The Festival of Inclusive Performing Arts and Artistic Interaction is a reminder that art is created by all for all.

It aims to:

  • Declare that disabilities are a challenge and not an obstacle.
  • Promote initiatives that prevent social exclusion.
  • Offer jobs to people with disabilities.

The Festival will run for 4 days, from 05.10.2023 to 08.10.2023, and will include 65 activities for young and old.

Participants will have the chance to attend a well-rounded programme that includes theatre, music, dancing, exhibitions, cinema, workshops and talks on inclusion.

Take a look at the programme on the Festival’s website and watch the video with the invitation.

Info about the Numismatic Collection’s participation

Where: Technopolis City of Athens
When: Saturday 07.10.2023, 10:30-12:00