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The exhibition “Two Sides of the Same Coin” in Romania

The new Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection exhibition “Two Sides of the Same Coin. Means of Transactions – Masterpieces of Art” is now open to the public in Romania. The exhibition is hosted in the impressive building of the National Bank of Romania, located in the centre of Bucharest, until March 2024. It aims to highlight the two sides of the coin: the one that has been qualifying it as a means of transactions since the 7th century BCE and the one that transforms it into a masterpiece of ancient Greek art.

The exhibition features 100 unique items from the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, including some rare masterpieces of ancient coinage. It showcases the contribution of Alpha Bank Romania to culture and to educating the public on financial matters.

Additionally, educational activities are conducted for students, primarily using interactive digital apps. The exhibition also hosts educational programmes for the general public. It is a major cultural event in the capital of Romania and has attracted significant interest from the local media.

Exhibition info

Where: The Museum of the National Bank of Romania, Bucharest
When: From 22.09.2023 to 01.03.2024
Organised by: National Bank of Romania and Alpha Bank