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Alpha Credit Bank advertising campaigns

Alpha Credit Bank ad for American Express
Alpha Credit Bank ad for loan interest rates
Front cover of Alpha Credit Bank’s Mazi magazine
Alpha Credit Bank ad for Alpha Web Banking
Front cover of the Alphaphone service Instruction Manual
Alpha Credit Bank’s “Espresso Service” print media ad

Alpha Credit Bank’s collection of advertising material covers all the advertising and promotion campaigns launched between 1994 and 1999. It all started with the announcement of the new name and the ensuing changes in corporate identity. The collection material includes advertising leaflets, posters and print media ads.  

6 print media ads for the promotion of Alpha Credit Bank in the years 1994-1999. 

The material includes advertising leaflets, posters and print media ads for: 

  • The first American Express card in Greece (photo 1). 
  • Loans at the minimum interest rate (photo 2). 
  • The launch of Alpha Web Banking, the first online banking system in Greece (photo 4). 
  • The option to carry out transactions at 2 bank networks following the acquisition of Ionian Bank by Alpha Credit Bank (photo 6). 

The front cover of Mazi, the Group’s internal publication (photo 3), and user instructions for the Alphaphone phone banking service (photo 5) are also included. 

New brand, new identity 

In the summer of 1994, Credit Bank first announced its global rebranding to Alpha Credit Bank and, a few months later, the Greek version of the same name for its local operations. 

The announcement of the new name marked the beginning of an effort to change the corporate identity of all the products, branches and undertakings belonging to the Alpha Group. 

New products and services 

Alpha Credit Bank’s first print media ads focused on low interest rates and favourable terms on deposits in foreign currencies.  

These were followed by the first advertising leaflet for Alpha Private Banking. Its purpose was to inform the public on modern investing concepts, but also advertise the bank’s new investment services.  

In 1995 ads focused on the bank’s initiative to offer significantly lower interest rates on loans. In the same year, Alpha Credit Bank became the exclusive issuer of American Express in Greece. An integrated advertising campaign was launched along with the new product. 

A single Group 

To inform the public about the companies comprising the Alpha Credit Bank Group, the bank distributed leaflets with the slogan “Many companies. One Group” to all branches. 

Mazi magazines 

Alpha Credit Bank’s publishing activity included Mazi (Greek for “together”), an internal publication. The purpose of the magazine was to better inform employees on the bank’s history and philosophy, as well as on personal and professional development opportunities.  

Through its subsidiary Icap Hellas, the bank also published Shopping Together. This shopping magazine advertised purchases with the bank’s credit cards, exclusive offers and gifts, but also featured original content including articles, opinions on current affairs and news stories.  

The material belongs to Alpha Credit Bank’s rich collection of advertising material. It covers all promotional activities launched in the years 1994-1999.  

Alpha Credit Bank’s information leaflets and overall promotional material always opted for a simple but elegant style. 

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