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Commercial Credit Bank advertising campaigns

Commercial Credit Bank flyer
Commercial Credit Bank flyer in Italian
Ad for the Kolonaki Branch of Commercial Credit Bank
Ad for the Kolonaki Branch of Commercial Credit Bank
Ad for Commercial Credit Bank cash register
Ad by cartoonist KYR for Commercial Credit Bank
Invitation to Commercial Credit Bank branch opening in the city of Trikala
Ad for Commercial Credit Bank’s passbook sleeves

Advertising material from the Commercial Credit Bank collection that covers the years 1953-1971. Within those years, the bank created a dedicated Public Relations Department and started to systematically advertise and promote its products. 

8 print media ads for the promotion of Commercial Credit Bank. They cover the years 1953-1971. 

The material includes advertising leaflets, greeting cards and invitations distributed by the bank to inform the public about: 

  • Expanding the headquarters into new office spaces, and the branch network into new locations (photos 1 and 7). 
  • Possessing an entire network of correspondents (photo 2). 
  • Bringing a new era in customer service at the Kolonaki branch (photos 3 and 4). 
  • Launching innovative banking services (photos 5 and 6). 
  • Providing modern passbook sleeves for customers (photo 8). 

Advertising as a necessity 

Right after Commercial Credit Bank was established in 1924, the need arose to promote the products and services provided, as well as to inform customers on the branches’ locations. 

Already since the late 1920s, the bank – then still named Banque de Crédit Commercial Hellénique – had started to do some promotion through leaflets and newspaper advertisements. Wall calendars were also used in the same context. 

The first advertising campaign 

When Banque de Crédit Commercial Hellénique moved to the privately-owned building at the corner of Stadiou and Pesmazoglou Streets in 1932, the first integrated advertising campaign in the bank’s history was launched.  

This included ads in the daily press in Athens and the rest of Greece, leaflets and gifts to the customers.  

Advertising Commercial Credit Bank in post-War Greece 

After WWII, the now rebranded Commercial Credit Bank decided to advertise the many aspects of its activity in a more regular manner.  

In the late 1950s, campaigns focused on informing the public about the expanded headquarters at the building on Pesmazoglou Street. The new headquarters were advertised in every flyer, greeting card and invitation.  

At the same time, great publicity was given to the expansion of the network with new branches and to the state-of-the-art banking services provided.  

A dedicated Public Relations department 

From the early 1960s, Commercial Credit Bank’s rapid growth rates created the need for more sustained advertising and improved communication strategies.  

In 1962 a dedicated Public Relations Department was established with the mission to advertise the bank’s products and services, and handle communication with the public.  

In the same period, the opening of new branches by Commercial Credit Bank was also widely advertised. This was mainly done through invitations to the opening events, which were printed on quality heavy paper and stood out for their fine artistry.  

Pioneering banking services 

A series of print media ads in magazines and daily newspapers advertised night-time deposits, an innovative service provided by Commercial Credit Bank. This service made it possible for customers to securely deposit money to a safe that was available at all times, night and day. 

In the early 1970s, Commercial Credit Bank launched a series of print media ads to announce the installation of NCR 42 cash registers that allowed customers to deposit or withdraw money “in 45 seconds.” The advertisements informed the bank’s customers they could now carry out their cash transactions with the bank in a fraction of the time. 

In 1972 the bank opened a drive-in banking branch at the Athenian suburb of Psychiko, which was entirely unprecedented in Greece. Therefore, a series of print media ads was launched to present that groundbreaking transaction system. 

Commercial Credit Bank’s collection of advertising material 

The items belong to Commercial Credit Bank’s collection of rare advertising material. They cover the years from 1953 to 1972. 

In style, but not too serious 

Commercial Credit Bank commissioned established Greek artists and designers to create original advertising and promotional material: 

  • Humorous ads by popular cartoonist KYR (Yannis Kyriakopoulos) about the bank’s innovative services. 
  • Modern passbook sleeves created by distinguished fashion designer Yannis Tseklenis. The sleeves were gifted to all women account holders at one of the 5 branches in central locations.

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