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Participation in the exhibition for Yannis Costopoulos

Exhibition poster
Spyridon and Eurydice Costopoulos Gallery
Presentation of the Credit Bank logo
2004 Olympic-Paralympic Games
Exhibition hall entrance
Culture and Society Section
Opening of the “The Glory of Byzantium” exhibition
Yachtsman section

The Alpha Bank Archives and Collections are participating in the exhibition “a man of many facets: A celebration of the life of Yannis Costopoulos” with:

A tribute to the great Greek banker

The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation is organising the exhibition on the occasion of the 3-year anniversary since the death of Yannis Costopoulos, Chairman of Alpha Bank from 1984 to 2014 and the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation from 1984 to 2019. Through its 5 sections, the exhibition unveils the pioneering spirit and bold initiatives that led to the creation of an innovative Bank.

At the same time, through historical items, works of art, coins and architectural models, the exhibition showcases the multifaceted activities of Yannis Costopoulos: his contribution to the arts and culture, his hands-on support to society, but also his passion for the sea and yachting.

Link to Homer’s Odyssey

The phrase andra polytropon (man of many facets) in the exhibition title alludes to the opening line of Homer's Odyssey. Apart from a mighty yachtsman, Yannis Costopoulos was inspired by the Homeric epic poems, mainly Odysseus’ travels, and his bold exploration of uncharted territories.

The exhibition hall

The exhibition is hosted in the Benaki Museum Spyridon and Eurydice Costopoulos Gallery, named after Yannis Costopoulos’ parents. This is how the Benaki Museum paid tribute to Yannis Costopoulos for his generosity and support. Yannis Costopoulos served as Member and Vice Chairman of the Museum’s Board of Trustees for many years.