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Replica of silver didrachm, Larissa

Replica of silver didrachm, Larissa
Two sides of Larissa silver didrachm. On the obverse head of nymph Larissa, on the reverse horse and the legend “of the Larisseans”.

The silver didrachm of Larissa depicts a Thessalian horse prancing on the reverse side. It is the finest depiction of a horse on an ancient coin and a masterpiece of Ancient Greek numismatic art. Larissa was the wealthiest city in Thessaly and also had the largest mint in the region.

  • Issuing authority: Larissa
  • Place: Thessaly
  • Nominal value: Didrachm
  • Dating: 395-344 BCE
  • Metal: Silver
  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Weight: 9,94 g
  • Observe: Head of the nymph Larissa with headband in her hair. Her face is in 3/4 profile facing left, within a circular dotted border.
  • Reverse: Horse prancing. The typical animal of Thessaly is at the centre of the type, with the legend reading ΛΑΡΙΣ[Α]ΙΩΝ (of the Larisseans). The letter A is illegible due to damage.
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