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Exhibition “1821 Before and After”

Poster of the exhibition “1821 Before and After”
Exhibition “1821 Before and After”
Exhibition “1821 Before and After”

The exhibition “1821 Before and After”, dedicated to the 200-year anniversary from the Greek Revolution of 1821, is hosted by the Benaki Museum jointly with the Bank of Greece, the National Bank of Greece and Alpha Bank.

This is the most important exhibition to be hosted by the Benaki Museum and the largest exhibition ever held on modern Hellenicity.

More than 1,200 objects, works of art and publications are exhibited on 3 Museum levels, showcasing 100 years of history of the Greek nation, from 1770 to 1870. Specifically, the exhibition presents the centennial that starts with the moral and economic preparation for the Greek liberation, culminates with the Revolution of 1821 and concludes with the first decades of development of the newly-formed Greek state.

Through rare works of art and unique evidence of the period, the 3 sections of the exhibition compose a fascinating journey of art and history. The steps of this journey explain all the reasons why this eventful centennial continues to move us so, even after 200 years.